CHRISTINA RUF (1973, Germany) is a director and playwright in the field of theater and performance as well as being a translator and teacher of German as a foreign language. She completed her university studies in arts, literature and translation in Germany and Spain.

As a translator she specialized during her studies in the translation of theater plays and has produced several translations of Argentine playwrights’ texts into German and vice versa, including Ewald Palmetshofer’s “wohnen.unter glas” (living.under glass). She has collaborated in translations of publications for the Goethe Institute such as the Internet project “Nicht-fiktionales Theater” (non-fictional theater) and publications for other institutions and authors such as “Poetik des argentinischen Rock” (Poetics of Argentinian Rock) edited by Oscar Conde.

She graduated as a teacher of German as a foreign language and in recent years has worked as a private teacher in Argentina, where she currently resides. Also, she has on numerous occasions provided phonetic training in German, such as for the cast of the opera “Die Zauberflöte” (the magic flute) at Teatro San Martín (Córdoba) and for television series.

In the field of theater and performance, she started collaborating early on in productions as assistant director and performing interventions with different groups in Germany. Since 2002 she has lived in Córdoba, Argentina, where she first began working with the theater group NC/NS. In 2004, together with Ariel Dávila she founded the group “BiNeural-MonoKultur – projects of fusion in scenic arts” with which she has been working ever since.