ARIEL DÁVILA (Cordoba, Argentina) is a theater director, playwright and teacher.

He studied at the theatre “Teatro La Cochera” and at the National University of Cordoba. Besides that he studied theater direction with Rubén Szuchmacher and dramaturgy with José Pere Peyró, Paco Zarzozo and Mauricio Kartun.

As an actor he has worked with directors such as Paco Giménez, Jorge Diaz, Rubén Szuchmacher, Constanza Macras and others.

As a teacher of dramaturgy he has given seminars for the National Institute of Theater (2005/6), for the graduate program of dramaturgy at National University of Córdoba (2009/10) as well as seminars in different parts of the country. Since 2005 he has given private workshops and seminars in both dramaturgy and theater direction.

As a dramaturgist he worked on “Torero Portero” (2001), a play performed in Germany, Colombia and Brazil, and “Sentate” (2003) at Teatro Sarmiento in Buenos Aires, both by Stefan Kaegi. He also worked on “Corte Arganzuela” (2009) and “Volk – Historias de Pueblos” (2010) by the group Compañia Puctum of Cecilia Pérez-Pradal in Spain.

Numerous of his texts have been published, among them: Inverosìmil – una tragedia mundana (selected for the edition “New Argentine dramaturgy”, a publication of the Argentine National Theater Institute (2008), in addition it was represented in 10 different venues in Argentina and abroad), “El ósculo del crepúsculo II” (edited by DocumentA/Escénicas, 2004)), “Máquina ¿cómo es nuestro nuevo dios?” (edited by Argentores, 2008) and “Proyecto Landia” (edited by the National Theater Institute, 2013).

The majority of these plays he also directed himself.
Furthermore he has directed plays by other authors such as “La tercera parte del mar” by Alejandro Tantanian (2001) and “Visita en casa del padre” by Roland Schimmelpfennig (theatrical lecture, 2007) and “Alias Gospodin” by Philipp Löhle (2009).

Since 2004 he has worked with his wife Christina Ruf (director and playwright) in the group BiNeural-MonoKultur.

He has twice received both the “Premio estímulo de la Provincia de Córdoba” from the province of Cordoba (2004/05) and the “Premio Estímulo de la Municipalidad de Córdoba” of the Municipality of Córdoba (2005/06), a special mention in the category “Young Dramaturgy” at the festival “Festival de Invierno“ (Cordoba, 2005), as well as a mention in the category “Dramaturgy” for his play “Proyecto Landia” at the competition of the National Theater Institute (2011).
Furthermore he received a scholarship from the National Theater Institute (2005) as well as from the ITI Germany / Goethe Institute for a residency at the Hebbel Theater (Berlin, Germany, 2008). He received the grant “Ayuda a la Creación en Dramaturgia” from Iberescena with which he wrote “Proyecto Landia” (2009). This play was chosen in 2014 for the Federal Production Plan of the Cervantes National Theater and premiered in the Rafaela Theater Festival.