Estelas en el tiempo – un juego urbano
(Trails in time – an urban game)



Within the framework of “UMWEGE / DEVÍOS” (Deviations) (curated by Aljoscha Begrich) at Fiba festival 2023.
DEVIATION WEST: Trails in Time – An Urban Game


With this proposal we invite the public to an adventure to discover the city, a journey through time and the things that surround us, a deviation from everyday attention.
A group of people receive a kit and set out on a journey on foot solving a series of unknowns about the city and its mysteries while navigating through the past, present and future.

If you could travel back in time, to what era would you travel? What does it mean to lose time? Do the things around us have a memory of their own? How does a fly perceive time? A stone? Would you like to be eternal?

If the group of players meets this challenge, they may find some answers.


“Trails in time” is a playful-performance experience that invites a group of people to a game whose board is displayed in the streets, squares and buildings of the city. It is a “self-guided” journey that the public – turned into players – makes in order to live an experience that connects the participants both with the everyday urban environment and with the other people who undertake this path together walking the streets of the city in an unprecedented and collaborative way.


Cast FIBA 2023, Buenos Aires:
Concept, text and direction:
Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Graphic design: Ieltxu Ortueta / Artefactos Bascos
Participation especial: Gabriela Aguirre
Realization of the printed materials: Horacio Bevaqua / Estudio 777
General production: Luz Algranti and Lucila Piffer
Production assistant: Jazmin Robles
Co-production: BiNeural-MonoKultur, International Theatre Festival “Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires” FIBA 2023 and Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires
Thanks to: Don Luis of the watchmaking store of the subway Callao, Río Café Bar, National Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia, Dario Sandrone, Lorena Lopes and all of the participants of our test walks.


For all audiences (ages 12 and older, minors must be accompanied by an adult).

DURATION: 120 minutes aprox.


– International Theatre Festival “Festival Internacional de Teatro de Buenos Aires” FIBA. February / March 2023.


About: UMWEGE – Deviations (Fiba 2023)
Concept and curatorship: Aljoscha Begrich
We always use the same paths. But how will we be able to create a society if we don’t try to expand our routines? Aljoscha Begrich invites four artists (some from Germany, some from Argentina) to develop deviations that take the public in four different directions to discover something unknown and experience the various layers of the city in public space.
Aljoscha Begrich is a dramaturgist and curator, and studied in Berlin, Mexico DF and Puán. He worked with Lola Arias and Mariano Pensotti. With Rimini Protokoll he realized projects in Teheran and Havana. In Germany he works for the Ruhrtriennale and founded the OSTEN Festival.


[Photos: Celeste Alonso + BiNeural-MonoKultur]

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