Bailemos… que se acaba el mundo!
Una audio-obra interactiva para bailar con el público

Let’s dance… the world is ending! An interactive audio-piece to dance with the audience)
(2021 – …)


“Let’s dance … the world is ending!” is a group audio-piece that invites the public to dance as if they were going to a local club.

Have you ever heard of the so-called choreomanias? What if we all catch a dance epidemic? How does the behavior of others influence us? What about seduction at dances? And in pandemics? How do we relate to others? Are we afraid to dance alone?

An interactive game is proposed that invites us to reflect on these questions while doing what we like the most: Dancing. Dance before we die.


[This work received the production subsidy 2021 from the National Theatre Institute, the funding of the National Arts Fund FNA 2021 and was invited to participate at the international Performing Arts Market “MAPAS – Mercado de las Artes Performativas del atlántico sur” (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) 2021 and at the MICA 2022 (Buenos Aires). It was also nominated for the Provincial Theater Award “Siripo” in the category “Best theater/dance play”, Córdoba (Arg.) 2022]


– International Theatre Festival “Temporada Alta”, Montevideo (Uruguay). February 2023.
– Participation in the program “Teatro Itinerante de Verano”, organized by Agencia Córdoba Cultura a.o. Rayo Cortado / Córdoba (Argentina). December 2022.
– Chalet Hereje, Villa María (Arg.). December 2022.
– Teatro La Luna, Córdoba (Arg.). October 2022.
– Historic Cabildo of Cordoba (Arg). July 2022.
– Mansa Mansión, Rio Ceballos / Córdoba (Arg.). May 2022.
– Cabañas La Vertiente, Villa La Bolsa / Córdoba (Arg.). April 2022.
Anniversary for the 10 years of “Casa de la Cultura Río Cuarto”, Río Cuarto / Córdoba (Arg.). April 2022.
– Theater La Luna, Córdoba (Arg.). April 2022.
– Festival “Fiesta Provincial de Teatro”, organized by the National Theater Institute / INT. Villa María / Córdoba (Arg). April 2022.
– Theatre La Nave Escénica, Córdoba (Argentina). March 2022.
– Festival “100 Horas de Teatro”, Córdoba (Argentina). November 2021.
– Participation in the program “Argentina Florece”, organized by the National Theater Institute / INT. José de la Quintana / Córdoba (Argentina). November 2021.
– Participation in the program “Teatro y Participación”, organized by the National Theater Institute / INT y la Municipalidad de Córdoba. CPC Argüello, Córdoba (Argentina). November 2021.
– Festival de Rafaela, Rafaela / Santa Fé (Argentina). November 2021.
– International Theatre Festival MERCOSUR, Córdoba (Argentina). October 2021.
– Theatre La Luna, Córdoba (Argentina). May / September / October 2021.


Concept, dramaturgy, direction, editing and general production:
Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Choreographies: Florencia Baigorrí + Adrián Andrada
Performers: Florencia Baigorrí + Adrián Andrada / Maximiliano Carrasco Garrido
Voices: Gabriela Aguirre + Adrián Azaceta
Sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Design and implementation of stage, props and lighting: Agustina Marquez
Executive production: Lorena Lopes
Graphic design: Natalia Rojo
Press: Guadalupe Pedraza
Photographic register: Belén Escobar
Video record: Luis Gómez
Thanks to: Gustavo Blázquez


DURATION: 60 minutes