Experiencia interactiva para bibliotecas
(Utopia – Interactive experience for libraries)
(2018 – …)


In a world very similar to our own, cultural centres, libraries and other public spaces are being closed down to turn them into profitable spaces such as shopping malls, parking lots, etc.

In a library, Horacio and Alicia, two library users who are very different from each other, leave a recording in which they ask their friends (a role played by the audience) to follow their steps as they investigate a disturbing message they have received – which appears to have been sent by the library itself: it finds itself in grave danger, faced with immediate closure, and asks for help from users. The clues lead them to make contact with an organization called “The Utopian International” as well as embarking on their search for “The Book” which contains instructions on how they can save the library.

The clues are found in a series of texts in the library and in various objects that the friends (participants/audience) find along their way. In the course of the work the public cross paths with mysterious characters who roam the library. Some are members of the “International Utopista” organization, while others are inspectors who want to close the library.

The spectators/participants’ journey is an utopian-fantastic trip through the universe of the library, its books and characters.

“Utopia – interactive experience for libraries” is an interactive sound performance in an unconventional space. It is set in libraries and consists of an experience for a group of 2 spectators who, using headphones, listen to a fictional character who gives them instructions to follow. The spectators are guided by this audio voice and led to discover clues in different books, illustrations, objects, etc. as well as meeting enigmatic characters in the library.


This work received the award “Premio a la Creación y Producción Teatral Independiente – Convocatoria a las Artes Escénicas 2017“, the incentive fund “Fondo Estímulo a la Actividad Teatral Cordobesa – EDICIÓN 2017/18” and the production subsidy 2018 from the National Theatre Institute


Aimed at a young/adolescent and adult audience.


– Library “Biblioteca Popular Arturo Orgaz” within the programm of Ciclo INTervenciones Escénicas “A cielo abierto”, organized by the National Theatre Institute INT, Córdoba (Arg.). (April 2021)
– University library “Biblioteca Mayor de la UNC”, Córdoba (Arg.) (October 2019)
– Theatre Festival “Fiesta Provincial de Teatro”, organized by the National Theatre Institute INT, Córdoba (Arg.). (April 2019)
– Literature Festival “Festival de la Palabra” / University library “Biblioteca Mayor de la UNC”, Córdoba (Arg.) (March 2019)
– 5th Theatre Festival “Festival de Estrenos” / Library “Biblioteca Popular Vélez Sarsfield”, Córdoba (Arg.) (November 2018)
– Library “Biblioteca Popular Vélez Sarsfield”, Córdoba (Arg.) (October 2018)
– Municipal Library “Biblioteca Municipal “’Libro Abierto’”, Villa Allende (Córdoba, Arg.) (August 2018)
– Library “Biblioteca Popular Vélez Sarsfield”, Córdoba (Arg.). (May + June 2018)



Concepto, dramaturgy, direction and general production: Ariel Dávila + Christina Ruf (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Performers: Agostina Barborini / Gabriela Aguirre + Fernando David Heguilen
Alicia’s voice: Julieta Daga
Horacio’s voice: Giovanni Quiroga
Other voices: Agostina Barborini + Fernando David Heguilen
Original music and sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Design and realization of props and objects: Aníbal Arce
Design and creation of pop-up books: Alex Appella
Graphic design and design for books and newspaper: Natalia Rojo
Realization and intervention of books: Emilce Martínez
Video: Hernán Rossi
Costume design: BiNeural-MonoKultur
Executive production / Press: Priscila Sansica


DURATION: 50 minutes (for each group)