RECONSTRUCCIÓN – el modus operandi de las imágenes
(RECONSTRUCTION – the modus operandi of images)
(Interactive Performance)
(2013 – 2018)


RECONSTRUCTION emerged from the invitation to participate in the series of performances called “EN VIVO” (Live) curated by Sofia Medici in Buenos Aires.

We have created an interactive performance that includes the participation of the public. It involves reconstructing the real facts through published images / photographs.

Some of the viewers receive numbers and will be summoned with that number to reconstruct the images. To do this, they have to follow the instructions that they receive by loudspeaker, without knowing which image they are reconstructing. When the (re-)composition is finished, a photo is taken and then compared against the original image. Then a text is shown on the projector explaining the circumstances of the original photo (what had occurred, where and when it happened).

It is about reflecting, with the viewer-participant’s own body, on what could have happened in the original real situation, as well as analyzing the composition of the record of that fact: what we can learn from the bodies, expressions, positions etc.
In this reconstruction process, we deal with the reality represented in images. A reality that, when it reaches us, has already been mediated, manipulated and distorted at the moment it was captured in photo. But we also reflect on the fact documented in the image and what effect it has on the bodies of the participating audience.

We work with images of different political, historical and social events that were recorded by the media. These include both images known internationally, and some that have a more regional importance.

In the reconstruction “sessions” we work with emblematic images related to different recent historical issues or we focuse on specific issues (and we use not just photographs but also other forms of record taking, such as painting), por example: – commemorating the date of the University Reform of 1918 in Córdoba, we worked on rebellions and revolutions (2015) – on the bicentennial anniversary of the Argentine Declaration of Independence, we developed reconstructions of images related to independence (in a broad sense) (2016) – on the occasion of the anniversary of the German reunification, we worked on the wall beginning with the end of the Second World War until the fall of the wall (2017) (this last presentation took place in the German School of Córdoba and in German).


– Pedagogical University “Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán“, San Pedro Sula (Honduras). December 2018.
– National University “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras en el Valle de Sula”, San Pedro Sula (Honduras). December 2018.
– Colegio Alemán, Córdoba (Arg.). November 2017.
– Noche de los Museos (Night of Museums), Museo de la Reforma, Córdoba (Arg.). July 2016.
– Noche de los Museos (Night of Museums), Museo de la Reforma, Córdoba. November 2015.
– Performances-Series “EN VIVO” (LIVE), curated by Sofia Medici, “Pasaje 17 – APOC Gallery of Contemporary Art – OSPOCE”, Buenos Aires. June 2013.


Concept, direction and creation: Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Presenter: Gabriela Aguirre (2015 + 2016))
Sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Graphic design: Natalia Rojo
Sound Technician: Selene Gualino (2016)
Photographer and videographer: Belén Escobar (2015 + 2016)


DURATION: 30 – 50 minutos