Quem não luta tá morto!
(Whoever doesn’t fight is already dead!)


“Quem não luta tá morto!” is a scenic-documentary installation that was performed as part of the X-APARTMENTS project, which tells of the process of eviction of the FLM (Frente de Luta pela Moradia – Front of the Struggle for Housing) / MSTC (Movimento dos Sem Teto do Centro – Central Homeless Movement) movement of an occupied building in downtown São Paulo (Brazil). For ten days BiNeural-MonoKultur accompanied a group of about 200 people who were camping next to the vacant building until they were given a temporary warehouse.
The result was a video documentary and a photo exhibition where FLM members themselves told of their experiences during that period of ten days living on the streets, resisting the police, asking the national secretary of human rights for dignified housing.

X-APARTMENTS is a project that transforms 22 departments of the city of São Paulo (Brazil) into areas of artistic intervention, mixing real life and fiction, opening the city’s windows and doors from new angles, revealing its details. Each residence receives 2 viewers / visitors every 10 minutes to participate in an artistic action.

Conceived in 2002 by Matthias Lilienthal (Hebbel Theatre, Berlin), the project was set up in the cities of Berlin, Istanbul, Caracas among others. In São Paulo, X-APARTMENTS was realised by the SESC SP cultural centre and the Goethe Institute of São Paulo in collaboration with the Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin.


Quem não luta tá morto! was presented during all of the days of X-MORADIAS in the city of São Paulo (Brazil) in June of 2009.


Concept, dramaturgy, documentation and realisation: Ariel Dávila and Christina Ruf (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Production assistant: Tieza Tissi
In collaboration with the movement FLM / MSTC.