PaLePo – Paseos de Lecturas Posibles
(PaLePo – Walks of Possible Readings)
Group audiotour that takes the city as text
(2019 – …)


“PaLePo – Paseos de lecturas posibles” is a group audiotour that consists of an itinerant sound work through different areas of a city. During these walks we invite the public to discover the city as text. To read it and find stories, myths, narratives and enter the game of possible readings of this text. We aim to sensitize participants to open their eyes to details and discover the theatrical potential of everyday life and thus change the perception of their environment.

So far, two walks were created and carried out in the city of Cordoba, one through the city centre and the other through the neighbourhood of Alberdi.


Aimed at young and adult audiences.


This project was conceived and realized for the “Festival de la Palabra” (“Festival of the Word”) and the VIII International Congress of the Spanish Language in Córdoba, Argentina, 2019.



– Book Fair of Córdoba. Córdoba, Argentina, 2021.
– Presentations for schools and institutions. Córdoba, Argentina, 2019.
– Festival de la Palabra (“Festival of the Word”) / VIII International Congress of the Spanish Language, Córdoba, Argentina, 2019.



Concept, dramaturgy, direction and general production: Ariel Dávila + Christina Ruf (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Original music and sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Voices: Gabriela Aguirre, Marcelo Arbach, Adrian Azaceta, Julieta Daga, Tamara Silva Franck, Rodrigo Fonseca
Executive producer: Lorena Lopes
Co-production: Agency Córdoba Cultura and BiNeural-MonoKultur
Thanks to: Sergio Salinas, Gonzalo Sarria, Juan Manuel Errecart, Daniela Bobbio, Yanina Malizia, Oscar Gonzalez, Mariano Almada, Guillermo Asis Luciano, Luciana Roccietti, Hugo Olmos, Diego Caminos


Duration: 50 minutes approx. (each walk)