OTRA FRECUENCIA – audioperformance de a dos
(OTHER FREQUENCY – audioperformance for two)
(2010 – 2016)


An interactive work for two people.
Each couple / pair listen with headphones to the instructions of four fictional characters. The piece combines suspense, intrigue and science fiction.

The spectators themselves are the actors, each of which, although in pairs, take very different trips, with their perception of the world constantly being put in doubt. To enter, just put the headphones in and press “play” in the mp3 player. From now on, each spectator / par
ticipant enters the world of a virtual character, both of whom have a mission that involves the other.


This performance was presented in:
– International Festival Cena CumpliCidades. Recife / Olinda (Pernambuco, Brazil). October 2016.
– Virada Cultural, Sesc Vila Mariana, São Paulo (Brazil). June / July 2015.
– International Festival “PIROLOGÍAS VIII – Festival del Conurbano”, Buenos Aires (Arg). Octubre 2014.
– National Festival “Muestra Nacional de Teatro Independiente Rodolfo Gomez”, Río Cuarto / Córdoba (Arg.). August 2014.
– XIV International Festival FIA, San José (Costa Rica). April 2014.
– VII Festival “Litoral Encena”, Caraguatatuba (Brazil). October 2013.
– Festival de Inverno SESC Araraquara (Brazil). July /August 2013.
– Virada Cultural, Saõ Paulo (Brazil). May 2013.
– SESC Riberão Preto, SP (Brazil). November 2012.
– SESC Santos, SP (Brazil). August 2012.
– Cultural Centre Centro Cultural do Banco de Nordeste BNB, Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará + Sousa, Paraíba (Brazil). July + August 2012.
– International Theatre Festival Cena Contemporânea, Brasilia (Brazil). July 2012.
– Theatre Festival of Rafaela, Rafaela (Arg). July 2012.
– International Theatre Festival FIT, São José do Rio Preto, SP (Brazil). July 2012.
– 1st Days of Performance Study, UNC – Cepia, Córdoba (Arg). May 2012.
– Cultural Centre Crearte, Córdoba (Arg). April 2012.
– Cultural Centre La Cúpula Galeria de Arte / Media Lab, Córdoba (Arg). 2011.
– Humboldt Institute, San Pedro Sula (Honduras), 2011.
– Performance Festival Habeas Corpus, Chateau CAC, Córdoba (Arg). 2010.



Spanish version:
Concept, script and direction: Christina Ruf and Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Voices: Marcelo Arbach, Magui Buteler, Ieltxu Ortueta Martínez and Valeria Urigu
Sound design and music: Guillermo Ceballos

Portuguese version:
Concept, script and direction: Christina Ruf and Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Voices: Carlos Morelli, Manuela Afonso, Ieltxu Martínez Ortueta, Vanessa Bruno
Sound design and music: Guillermo Ceballos
Translation to Portuguese: Daniel Gonzalez Xavier
Production in Brazil: Felipe França Gonzalez (Difusa Fronte(i)ra)


DURATION: approx. 45 min.