No muy Vian
(Not very Vian)
(2017- 2018)


The piece has its starting point in the texts of the Frenchman Boris Vian, the skits of the German comedian Loriot and the films of the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, and weaves these influences into an unusual story. During the development of the piece, the work also dealt with the investigation of intertextuality, minimalism in acting and humor.

Enrique, an artist who considers himself a genius, suffers a major crisis after being given a bad critique and decides to commit suicide. But since he does not manage to kill himself, he eventually signs a contract killer. A short time later, however, he meets a woman and falls in love with her. Now he does not want to die anymore and tries to dissolve the contract…


– Theatre “Azucena Carmona” / Teatro Real, Córdoba (Arg.). (August 2018)
– Theatre Festival “Fiesta Provincial de Teatro” organized by the National Theatre Institut INT, Córdoba (Argentina). (December 2017)
– Theatre “Espacio Blick”, Córdoba (Arg.). (June, September, October 2017)



Acting: Alicia Vissani, Tisso Solís Vargas, Mauro Alegret + Ariel Dávila
Voice-off Marta: Julieta Daga
Dramaturgy and direction: Ariel Dávila
Directing assistance: Christina Ruf
Design of stage setting, props, costume: BiNeural-MonoKultur
Realization stage setting: Iván Savorgnan
Realization props and costume: Mercedes Coutsiers + Mauro Ferruchi
Design and realization of masks: Aníbal Arce
Ligth Design: Facundo Dominguez
Lighting Technician: Luis Ramirez / Priscila Sansica
Sound Technician: Christina Ruf
Graphic Design: Natalia Rojo
Photos: Belén Escobar
General production: BiNeural-MonoKultur


DURATION: 70 Minutes