Experiencia sonora interactiva para niños aventureros
(MONSTERS – Interactive audio experience for adventurous kids)
(2015 – 2018)


We invite you to visit the one and only world-famous “INSTITUTE OF MONSTRUOLOGY”! Here you can find the so-called “everyday monsters,” including such specimens as the “monster of laziness” or the dreaded “monster of fear”… During the visit all goes well until suddenly an alarm goes off: A monster has escaped!!!
Can you help us find it?

MONSTERS is an interactive work. Participants receive headphones and mp3 players and follow the instructions given by an expert in monstruology, Ms. Gertrudis. In groups of 4 they set out on their adventure, which begins with a visit to the institute and takes them on a monstrous journey full of surprises.


For the whole family, recommended from 4 years up.

Functions every 15 minutes for 4 people.


This work received a Special Mention at the “Premios ATINA” awards (2017), the theatre award of the Province of Córdoba in the category “Best Play of Puppet-Theatre / Marionettes” (2016), the award “Premio a la Creación y Producción Teatral Independiente“ (2015) and the “Production Subsidy” from the National Theatre Institute (2015).


– Theatre “Ciudad de las Artes”, Córdoba (Argentina). (August 2018)
– Theatre Festival “Bahia Teatro”, Bahia Blanca (Buenos Aires, Arg.). (May 2018)
– Theatre “La Chacarita”, Córdoba (Arg.). (April 2018)
– Cultural Centre “Centro Cultural Córdoba”, Córdoba (Arg.). (March 2017)
– 8th International Theatre Festival for Children and Adolescent, Córdoba (Arg.). (October 2016)
– Theatre Festival “Festival de Teatro de Rafaela”, Rafaela (Santa Fé, Arg.). (July 2016)
– Cultural venue “Salón de Usos Culturales (SUC)” at “Las Tejas” Park, Córdoba (Arg.). (April, July, October and November 2016)
– Theatre Festival “Fiesta Provincial de Teatro”, organized by the National Theatre Institute INT, Córdoba (Arg.). (March 2016)
– Theatre “La Chacarita”, Córdoba (Argentina). (March, 2016)
– Cultural Centre “Casa de la Historia y la Cultura del Bicentenario”, Las Varillas (Córdoba, Arg.). (January, 2016)
– Cultural Centre “Centro Cultural Córdoba”, Córdoba (Arg.). (October 2015)
– Theatre “María Castaña”, Córdoba (Arg.). (August + September 2015)



Concept, dramaturgy, direction and overall production: Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Actors – Voices: Gabriela Aguirre, Adrián Azaceta y Carlos Piñero
Original music and sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Actors – Manipulators of objects and puppets – Guides: Selene Gualino, Florencia Molina, Romina Enrria, Gabriel Chiappero + Agustín Luque
Design of set, props and costumes: Ariel Merlo
Realization of set, props and costumes: Ariel Merlo, Iván Savorgnan y María José Albó
Design and production of puppets and objects: Aníbal Arce y Carlos Barahona
Lighting design: Rafael Rodríguez
Graphic design: Natalia Rojo
Advice on dramaturgy and manipulation of objects: Carlos Piñero
Production / Dissemination: Priscila Sansica


DURATION: 50 minutes (for each group)