(Scenic Audiotour)
(2013 – 2015)


Strange symptoms are appearing in the city, caused by an unknown phenomenon: the colour of the sky on some days, a faint buzzing sound, people’s behaviour… Bizarre incidents are occurring, with citizens acting as if under the power of a huge imperceptible remote control…

An invisible cloud enshrouds the city…

Carla is one of the victims of these inexplicable phenomena. But she is more involved than she thinks. Mauro, an old friend of hers, returns to the country after a long time away, trying to unravel the mystery. He suspects that his former professor Vicente Ludi has something to do with what is happening. Meanwhile, the Omega Resistance is preparing to take action…

What is THE CLOUD?
How is it controlled?
And how can it be stopped?

We’ll have to follow these characters along their paths through the city to find answers…


What is a Scenic Audiotour?
A reduced group of spectators receives headphones and mp3-players in order to follow some characters on their way along a street in the city, accompanied by the voices of strange narrators.


THE CLOUD is the continuation of the artistic search of “The Salesman”, a piece also based on the Scenic Audiotour format. In this format the actors / characters walk along the streets of a city and interact with the space and its inhabitants. A reduced group of spectators follows them in their experiences, listening with an mp3 and headphones to a voice that narrates their story. This narration adds a literary aura to the piece, while at the same time introducing us to the thoughts of the characters and the acoustic climate that surrounds them. The scenic concept is about experimenting with cinematic narration with a voice-over about a fictional character in a real and tangible urban space.


This work received the Grant for the Advancement of Theatrical Activity in Cordoba ‘Featec’ (2013), a subsidy for production from the National Theatre Institute (2013), and has the support of the Goethe Institute Córdoba.


This performance participated in:
– Provincial Theatre Festival of the National Theatre Institute INT, Córdoba (Arg.). 2015.
– Festival “Fiesta Regional del Teatro Centro Litoral del Instituto Nacional del Teatro INT”, Venado Tuerto, Santa Fé (Arg). 2014.
– A recording of THE CLOUD participated at the exhibition “Sovereignty of Use”, curated by Federico Baeza and Sebastian Vidal Mackinson as part of the series “Everyday scenic inventions – Projection of audiovisual recordings of theatrical experiences.” Art Space / OSDE Foundation, Buenos Aires (Arg.). 2014.
– Provincial Theatre Festival of the National Theatre Institute INT, Córdoba (Arg.). 2014.
– 2nd “Estival” (Summer) Festival, Córdoba (Arg.). 2014.
– 1st Festival de Estrenos (Premieres Festival), Córdoba (Argentina). 2013.


Acting: Melina Passadore / Gabriela Aguirre, Marcos Cáceres and José Manuel Solís
Narrators: Alicia Vissani, Gabriela Aguirre, Marcelo Arbach and Rodrigo Fonseca
Original music and sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Concept, dramaturgy, direction and general production: Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Executive producer: María Luisa Stille and Priscila Sansica
Props, costumes, hairstyles: Mercedes Coutsiers together with Nadia Budini, Rocio Juncos and Estefania De Gennaro
Stencils: Pablo Huespe
Graphic Design: Natalia Rojo
Extras: Selene Gualino, Lucia Custo, Juan José Gagliesi, Malena Marta Demin, Florencia Molina, Gabriel Chiappero, Clara Segura, Romina Enrria, Nancy Gallardo, Florencia Illanes and others.
Thanks to: Café Moreno, Superpark and Espacios Verdes de la Municipalidad de Córdoba.


DURATION: approx. 60 min.