(Virtual Performances – laboratory for virtual theatre)


The project Virtual Performances – virtual laboratory for theatre was born in 2008 and consists of a series of virtual-theatrical interventions via online videoconference.

homo-migrator.www revolves around the issue of migration in general and in relation to the world wide web (www.): Migration of people, but also migration of data, goods, information. Video-chat has become the main communication tool of the migrant. The world wide web is a medium that seems to have become essential for buying, selling, communicating, showing off, and even deceiving each other.

Four actors, some of whom are migrants, others with relatives abroad, interact with the audience via Skype from their places of residence.

What does it mean to be in another place, what is a foreigner, in the age of cyberspace?


This work was produced with the support of the artistic residency of Nau Côclea, Camallera, Spain (2010) and has the support of the National Endowment for the Arts (2011). It was presented at the MERCOSUR International Festival of Theatre, Córdoba 2011.


Concept, direction and general dramaturgy: Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Acting + dramaturgy:
Germany / Berlin: Florian Loycke (Das Helmi) and Katharina Schröder
Brazil / Sao Paulo: Ieltxu Martínez Ortueta (Kapota mas não breka)
Colombia / Bogotá: Santiago Merchant, Ricardo de la Vega and Irene Romero (Santagalatea Proyect)
Spain / Madrid, Burgos: Cecilia Peréz-Pradal (Cía. Puctum)
Colaboration in Germany 
(Stage development): Meret Kiderlen
Stage assistants: Gabriela Aguirre, Farina Bender, Tamara Franck, Jimena Garrido
Original concept (Virtual Performances): BiNeural-MonoKultur, Meret Kiderlen and Carolina Defossé


DURATION: approx. 70 min.