eRRor – un juego con tra(d)ición
(eRRor – a game of tradition and treason)
(Non-fictional theatre)
(2011 – 2014)


An actor and geneticist, together with an actress who is also an activist for the villages being fumigated in real life, play a game where chance and error play a key role. On a board based on “Monopoly”, participants move through different squares, where their fate is decided.
Soy production, small town life, theatre, activism and biotechnology all come together to create a cocktail between fiction and reality.

The work was developed out of a call for entries in late 2010 by the Goethe Institute Cordoba concerning ERROR in its various meanings. We were among those selected, with a project that revolves around questions of error and the cultivation of GM crops in Argentina.
Using techniques of documentary theatre and with a biting satirical outlook, we approach a current issue that is relevant not just at the regional level, but also from a national and international standpoint: the problem of fumigated villages in the province of Cordoba, national policies and an economy dependent on agricultural exports, multinational companies in the biotechnology sector, and control of the global food market.


This work formed part of the series of performances “[Symbolic] Materialization of error”, organized by the Goethe Institute Córdoba, and was awarded a production subsidy from the Province and the National Theatre Institute (2011).


Participated at:
– 1. Festival “El Urondo – Festival for Theatre, Politics and Society”, Córdoba (Arg.). 2014.
– Second Festival “Estival del Teatro Independiente”, Córdoba (Arg.). 2014.
– Participation at the conference via Skype of the transdiciplinary festival “Odyssey : climate” (Bremerhaven, Germany). We talked about how we incorporate the themes climate and environment in our works and especially about “eRRor – a game of tradition and treason”. Theater Stadttheater Bremerhaven (Germany). 2013.
– Theatre Festival for children and adolescents “Señores Niños ¡Al Teatro!”, Unquillo (Cba) und Córdoba Capital (Argentina). 2013.
– Theatre Festival “100 Horas de Teatro”, Córdoba (Argentina), 2013.
– Theatre La Chacarita, Córdoba (Argentina). 2012.
– Cordoba Socio-Environmental Meeting, Malvinas Argentinas (Córdoba, Arg). 2012.
– Rafaela Theatre Festival 2012 (Argentina). 2012.
– 12th Regional Theatre Festival of Centre Litoral 2012, Rosario and Oncativo (Argentina). 2012.
– Theatre Documenta/Escénicas, Córdoba (Argentina), 2012.
– Provincial Theatre Festival 2012, Córdoba (Argentina). 2012.
– Goethe Institute Córdoba (Argentina). 2011.


Production for the Goethe Institute Córdoba. September 2011.


Concept, direction, dramaturgy: Christina Ruf + Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur).
Colaboration in concept and dramaturgy: Hernán Rossi, and Laura Gallo.
Acting: Hernán Rossi (green player), Laura Gallo (orange player) (*) and Gabriela Aguirre (referee) (**).
Stage setting: Lilian Mendizábal.
Sound design: Yamil Burguener.
Video: Hernán Rossi
Live camera, dramaturgy + production assistance, board design: Natalia Rojo.
Lighting Technician: Agustina Marquéz
Technicians video + sound: Ariel Dávila + Christina Ruf
Production: BiNeural-MonoKultur

(*) replaced by Melina Passadore for the shows at the Theatre Festivals “Señores Niños ¡Al Teatro!” and “100 Horas de Teatro” (2013).
(**) replaced by Valeria Urigu for the show at the Theatre Festival of Rafalea (2012).


DURATION: approx. 90 min.