What I wanted to tell you
– An Audiotour through your home
(2020 – …)


[ !!! The show is now freely available for you to participate in, you can find the link for the audio by scrolling down (*) – and you can also contribute and buy a voluntary ticket !!! ]


Julia is house-sitting for her friend Irene. As the days go by, unusual things start happening in the apartment. One day, she receives an audio message from Irene asking her for a peculiar favour.

«What I wanted to tell you» is an interactive audio experience. It is an individual audio tour for you to do at home. To participate, all you have to do is put in your earphones, follow the instructions you receive through the audio and step into the story.

Loosely inspired by «The Fall of the House of Usher» by Edgar Alan Poe and with an air of «Robinson Crusoe» by Daniel Defoe, this show takes you on a little journey through your home.


Aimed at a young/adolescent and adult audience.


This project was conceived and realized in Córdoba (Argentina) in 2020 during the pandemic quarantine Covid-19.



– Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires FIBA 2021, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2021.
– 12° International Theatre Festival PIROLOGÍAS, online edition. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2020.
– Presentations for schools and institutions. Argentina. 2020.
– Part of the programmation of the week of virtual tourism «Semana Virtual do Turismo para Todos, Solidário e Sustentável» of the SESC Sao Paulo over the period from july until december 2020.
– Presentations within the programmation of the series «Un lindo momento para compartir en casa», organized by the Agencia Córdoba Cultura. Argentina. 2020.


Concept, dramaturgy and direction: Christina Ruf and Ariel Dávila (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Translation and voice Irene: Janelle French
Original music and sound design: Guille Ceballos
Graphic design: Natalia Rojo


DURATION: approx. 25 minutes


Versions available in different languages:
This Audiotour was translated from its original Spanish version into English, German and Portuguese. It was presented on different platforms in various countries, especially in Europe, Latin America and Australia.


Presentations for educational institutions:
We presented this Audiotour also in numerous educational institutions as didactical material. On several of these occasions we offered in addition (virtual) talks with students and teachers, an activity that we continue to offer if the institution is interested. (To contact us, click here.)


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