CONECTADOS (un proyecto de teatro documental)
(CONNECTED – a documentary theatre project)
together with Cía Puctum


5 immigrants in the Matadero neighbourhood of Madrid reveal their relationships with their countries of origin, through the internet.

A Colombian couple holds the record for uninterrupted video-conference communication, with 68 hours. A Bengali watches his baby of 20 months grow up daily over skype. From Senegal a mother sends a video message with advice for her son. A Colombian actress connects to Brazil to consult the clairvoyant grandmother of her child. And the rhythm of a Dominican rapper manages to shorten the distances.


“Conectados” is the result of the residence of Cía Puctum with BiNeural-MonoKultur in El Ranchito (Matadero Madrid) (October to December 2011) and is part of “Virtual Performances – virtual theatre laboratory” consisting of a series of virtual-theatre interventions via online videoconferencing.

The work was performed in Matadero Madrid in December 2011.



Concept, direction and playwriting:
Cecilia Pérez-Pradal (Cía. Puctum)
Ariel Dávila + Christina Ruf (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Neighbours in the scene:
Faustino Felíz Herrand (Samy-The black Cat) // Dominican Rep.
Kader Abdul // Bangladesh
Lida Fernanda Cardona // Colombia
Moustapha Fall (Benja) // Senegal
Mauro Benavidez Vasquez // Colombia
(and family via Skype)
Graphic Design: Carlos Bueno
Video: Hernán Rossi, Ariel Dávila
Photography: Melina Passadore
Lighting design: Daniel Boto
Sound Technician: Noel Armas
Lighting Technician: Hugo Vacas
Thanks to: Zoe Mediero, Ane Rodríguez Armendáriz, Vanesa Viloria, Luisa Fuentes Guaza, Intermediae, Todo Por la Práxis and Espacio Tangente.


DURATION: approx. 60 min.


LINK to CÍA PUCTUM (Cecilia Pérez-Pradal):