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ENTRE MUNDOS – diario de um Caraíba
(Between worlds– diary of a Caraíba (shaman))


(SESC Bertioga (SP), Brazil, featured in the permanent program from 2008 until the end of 2009).
(Update and tri-lingual version for the 6th International Conference on Environmental Education and Sustainability “Best of Both Worlds”, Bertioga, SP (Brazil). Featured in the permanent program since 2014.


Luis Mendes comes to visit the Sesc Bertioga to spend the holidays with his family. Then a recurring dream alters what were supposed to be days of tranquillity.
He leaves a recording as a message in a bottle, inviting you to follow his footsteps to reveal a mystery. Indigenous legends, historical events and environmental details of the region take you on a journey between different worlds.


CAST 2014 (in 3 languages):

Idea, direction and screenplay: Ariel Dávila + Christina Ruf (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Translation: Felipe França Gonzalez + Mark Eilers
Original music and sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Research: Ariel Dávila, Christina Ruf + Felipe França Gonzalez
Research consultants: Carlos Eduardo de Castro + the team at SESC Bertioga
Cast of the Portuguese version: Carlos Morelli, Gui Martelli + Silvio Roupa
Cast of the English version: Johnny Melville, Rodrigo Haddad + Soren Hellerup
Cast of the Spanish version: Ieltxu Martinez Ortueta, Gui Martelli + Alejandro Lopez
Special participation: Sofia de Figueiredo Galante + Marcelo Bookerman
Realization by: BiNeural-MonoKultur, Difusa Fronte(i)ra + SESC Bertioga


CAST 2008:
Idea, script and direction: Ariel Dávila and Christina Ruf (BiNeural-MonoKultur)
Translation: Felipe França Gonzalez
Original music and sound design: Guillermo Ceballos
Research: Ariel Dávila, Christina Ruf and Felipe França Gonzalez
Research advice: Carlos Eduardo de Castro and the team at SESC Bertioga.
Cast: Bruno Fracchia (Luis Mendes), Marcelo Bokermann (Cunhambebe), Silvio Roupa (narrator).
Participation: Sofia de Figueiredo Galante (daughter of Luis Mendes)
General production: Felipe França Gonzalez
Co-production: BiNeural-Monokultur, Difusa Fronte(i)ra and Sesc Bertioga.


In the case of “Between Worlds”, the research was extensive and extremely interesting. The SESC Bertioga requested that we deal with an ecological theme, as the unit is located in a region that still contains remnants of the Atlantic Forest; they also have various ecological projects, such as a reserve and a protection for native flora and fauna on its premises.
On the other hand we also studied the history and culture of the region, which can be considered one of the most historic in Brazil, situated just a few miles away from San Vicente, the first city founded by the Portuguese conquistadores. There is also the historical story of the German Hans Staden who encountered the Tupi, a cannibal tribe that inhabited the area. We read about the mythological beings of the forest and about the culture of the local indigenous peoples, such as the story of the famous chief Cunhambebe, who appears to our fictional character in a somewhat dreamlike encounter. We had the opportunity to visit a Guarani reserve in the region and there a Pagé (shaman) told us about their ability to direct their dreams towards helping them solve their daily problems.
Part of the fictional story was inspired by a scene from a story by a science fiction author that we admire greatly, Ray Bradbury, where a sort of time warp occurs.
In the end, the fictional narrative in this Fictional Audiotour is more subtle; the character is a completely normal person who goes through some, let’s say, “ancestral” experiences, and enters into a form of communication with the local ancient cultures and the surrounding natural world, embarking on a journey through time and between different worlds.
This work has a much more dreamlike, poetic character than the previous Audiotours.